Freelance writer, Amanda M. Socci



This may seem like a boring thing to most, but the activity of reading is a valuable thing that more people should be doing. I’ve come to embrace the act of reading each morning, though not the kind of reading…..


I can scarcely believe it has been more than two months since I last added a blog post. Looks like I’ve been keeping true to my intention with seclusion. The last time you heard from me, I had been inspired…..


The strangest thing inspired me to write about shut-ins today, and I suddenly found myself discussing a church service when that was the thing that was the furthest from my mind. My plan was to write about shut-outs because I…..


I’ve always struggled with the label “content” when it comes to writing. I’ve seen many people refer to themselves as content writers when describing the type of writing services they offer. That sort of label has always felt so gross…..


The saga surrounding the status of Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) system and its distance learning plan is worth writing about. This is a modern discourse that should be restricted to a factual, nonfiction story. Instead, its development has…..


DojaCat is really Doja Cat. I put today’s title as one word to force myself to make it fit my uber creative writing style of keeping all blog posts as one word. An exercise in creative writing, if you will.


I always love using softballs as the perfect metaphor to describe how writers should react when somebody posts a comment or asks a question on the Internet.


I had the pleasure of meeting small business owner Rocky Parrish and his wife in January 2019. Rocky owns RockDeep, a store that sells shoes for athletic and outdoor uses. His wife owns RDevine, a store that focuses on custom…..


For us in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 12th. On that fateful Thursday, we received notice that there would be no school that Friday, the 13th. Throughout that weekend, news in our school district would change rapidly. Before…..


Today is day #8 of quarantine days. For us, here in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 16. Since then, I’ve been using my time wisely, mostly working on a huge backlog of work I seem to never find…..