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Creative Hodgepodge Blog

Anything that is “hodgepodge” is described as a mixture of various things. I love the word hodgepodge and its synonyms “mélange” and “patchwork” because these words perfectly describe my interests.

What do I like? What do I write about? I LOVE a lot of different things and I’m naturally curious and always asking questions.

The Creative Hodgepodge Blog is a collection of blog posts about a lot of different topics. Every blog post features creative observations I make about people, places, and things. Enjoy!

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I always love using softballs as the perfect metaphor to describe how writers should react when somebody posts a comment or asks a question on

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I had the pleasure of meeting small business owner Rocky Parrish and his wife in January 2019. Rocky owns RockDeep, a store that sells shoes

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For us in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 12th. On that fateful Thursday, we received notice that there would be no school that

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Today is day #8 of quarantine days. For us, here in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 16. Since then, I’ve been using my

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If I have learned anything during the current coronavirus crisis, it has been the breath of fresh air sensation I’ve experienced from being forced to

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on writing


Today is January 20, 2020. I don’t want to take away from the importance of Martin Luther King and his famous “I have a Dream”

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