Individuals and businesses can commission Amanda to do nonfiction writing for them. The same way people commission and pay artists to paint portraits, draw illustrations, create graphic designs, or do portrait photography, people can commission Amanda to do various types of writing.

Nonfiction writing is truthful and factual, but it does not have to be boring or stale. Amanda’s unique perspectives on life through sprinkle-covered Pollyanna glasses gives Amanda great freedoms to write profiles in imaginative ways.

Here are a few ideas of types of writing Amanda can do for you.

For Individuals

  • Updates, current events, or historical data for school reunions.
  • Interviews or research on genealogy and recollections of family stories to share in family reunion e-newsletters.
  • Fun, creative stories involving real people, places, and things with specific details that would surprise the recipient for birthday gifts or other celebrations. These stories can be turned into commemorative unique birthday books or greetings.
  • Factual data, well wishes, and select stories to create a time capsule memento for new baby or baby-to-be for shower gift.

For small businesses

  • Detailed interviews and profiles of your business or leader or employee.
  • Descriptions of your business or services for your printed materials or website.
  • Interesting anecdotes or stories of real people, places, or events for your blog or e-newsletter


You may have different writing needs that require a nonfiction writer to write about truthful, factual information.

  • If you can think it, Amanda can write it.