Personalized Short Stories - Hardcover Book

Personalized short stories, up to 18 pages of text, written by Amanda Socci and printed in a hardcover book.



YOU provide real details about a loved one, pet, thing, place, or event.

I WRITE an original story based on the facts you give me.

I write all short stories based on true facts and information given to me. I am inspired easily by what I see. The creative visions I have catapult me to new and exciting adventures. There are no templates, no copying, no stealing of ideas. Everything I do is custom.

You are purchasing a package deal that includes my time (labor) and my costs for goods (professional printing with a 3rd party commercial vendor).

Each personalized short story takes anywhere between 4 – 10 hours to write, edit, design, lay out, and review (quality control). I take great value in writing and creating everything to the best of my ability.

The total price of this package reflects all the hard work and effort I put into my work. This is not a factory nor a business with staff. Thank you for supporting my small business.

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