Every writer has their own style, their own unique ways of describing things, connecting images with beautiful words, and making people, places, and things dance with illuminating reality. When you purchase a "writing service" from me, you will receive carte blanche to my creativity, ideas, and vision. My writing style is unlike anything you've seen before. You will immediately feel the warmth and friendliness and optimism in every word I touch. This is what I provide to every client.

The meaning of "I AM"

"I Am" is a succinct statement that means: I am anything I want to be.

I prove this by writing and publishing my work on many different topics.

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About Amanda's writing style

The typical writer specializes in one specific form of writing and they base an entire career around proiding specialty writing services. For example, many people are strict content writers, creative agency (advertisements and marketing) writers, digital strategists (

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Services offered by Amanda M. Socci

Writing Services

Other Services

  • editorials,
  • social media & marketing, business profiles,
  • content writing
  • copywriting
  • creative agency (digital and print advertisements; product descriptions)
  • editing writing (making substantive edits);
  • research & fact-checking;
  • creation of charts & infographics (data synthesis, analysis, & design)

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