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New bylines each month

I am a “working” freelance writer who publishes at least one new byline each month. Stay up to date with my published writing by visiting this page.

Debut nonfiction book

While I am involved with freelance writing, my top priority right now is finishing up my debut nonfiction book. As of September 2021, I’m done with the writing stage and am now editing my book.

After that, I have to look into book layout, cover design, printing, and then marketing and SELLING!!!

It is a LOT of work to write a book – – let alone attempt to market and sell it when you’re an unknown author.

Follow along my journey from book writing to book publication.

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"I already know how to write. Everyone learns to write in school. Why should I hire you?"

People are reluctant to pay a professional writer to write for them because they believe they can do it themselves. 

Some writing is based on skills that every person should be able to do comfortably, like writing a recipe, resume, or a friendly letter to a pen pal.

But what happens when you have creative needs – – do you cut corners and do it yourself?

Now is a great time to outsource your writing needs and leave the magic up to me.

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Commission me to write for you.

In the art world, people commission artists to create paintings, drawings, sculptures, or other custom art.

I use the same term “to commission” to give professional writers a boost in the market.

Writers work very hard to create beautifully polished prose writing.

Thank you SO MUCH for respecting my profession by investing your dollars in my writing services.

Examples of writing I can do for you !

Tap into your imagination and think about your lifestyle, family, personal interests, or business marketing needs.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • newsletters (sorority / fraternity, family reunion, annual holiday greetings, just for fun)
  • recipe books (combination of family recipes and family memories and photos makes for a unique written product)
  • special greetings (for co-workers, family members, graduations)
  • advice for new moms / new dads (unique gift for baby showers)
  • blog posts for your personal blog or business blog (research based on topics you want to write about; integration with social media)
  • social media posts (these are what I call “short words” which is a form of copywriting that helps a person’s personal goals or brand)
Blog posts
Special greetings for family and friends
Special greetings for family and friends
New service: personalized short stories

Your ideas deserve beautiful descriptions and language.

What is the delay? Commission Amanda Socci today!

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