Amanda Socci ~ Writing Services

I specialize in writing in a very creative style. I love words, I love descriptions, I love facts. I love the process of interviewing people in order to learn more about them for a story I’m writing.

When you commission me to write for you, whether it’s for a personal or business project, you can be assured I will always give you creativity.

Here are a few ideas of the types of writing I could potentially do for you. Do you have something else in mind I didn’t list here? Contact me and we can discuss your needs.


For private individuals

  • Custom text to celebrate or commemorate special events: birthdays, milestone birthdays, graduations, retirements, bar / bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, sweet 16, birth or adoption, etc.
  • Family reunion newsletter
  • Personal blog posts
  • Personalized short stories
  • Note ** A lot of times, this type of writing is enhanced by fun graphics. I create fun and quirky designs using several computer & web programs.

For businesses

  • Business profiles (change in staff, leadership, milestone anniversaries)
  • Topical blog posts (blog posts specific to a particular industry)
  • Marketing materials (about us, descriptions of business, description of services or goods)
  • Social media posts (calls to action, current sales promotions, engagement with followers)

Want to commission me but stuck on what type of writing you need? Tell me about your project and I can help you brainstorm.

Contact me here.

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This is a sampling of published editorials with my byline.

Everyone benefits when a magician crafts great WORDS.

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