Hi, I'm Amanda !

Freelance writer, long-form writing specialist, print & digital media word queen,
& a dedicated inventor of creative ideas.

Amanda Socci ~ Visionary

One of my favorite phrases of all times happens to come from a thriller starring Haley Joel Osment. 

When he says he sees dead people, it’s a scary thing. When I say it, it’s my fun analogy to express that I see extraordinary visions others don’t see.

As a general rule, I’m all about beautiful things. I go out of my way to research and find obscure facts. Information is king in my life.

People have often described me, my creativity, and my writing style as Pollyanna, as if that were a bad thing. What is so bad about seeing the good in people, places, things, or events?


Me and one of my all-time favorite musical heroes:
John Taylor from Duran Duran

By commissioning me to write for you, you're not just "purchasing" a service.
You are trusting me to come up with new, exciting, original ways of describing things using a cornucopia of words.

Innovations in Writing

In May 1998, I graduated from Howard University School of Law. I was exhausted. Learning and studying the law took so much out of me. It was an educational lifestyle that was harder than anything I could have ever imagined.

After I took the attorney bar exam in July, I got married. By January 1999, I was ready for a change in my life. I HAD to get back to my creative roots because I had ignored my pull to write for so many years.

While my husband provided for us, I took my chances and embarked on a writing and publishing dream that remains my biggest accomplishment and my pride and joy to this day.

From 1999 – 2002, I wrote, designed, photographed, and did all the editing, layout, marketing, publishing, and distribution of “$hoppers Everywhere,” a newsletter that I soon converted to “Consumers Everywhere,” a multi-page booklet / magazine I mailed to consumers throughout the United States.

I remember those early days. I used Broderbund’s Print Shop desktop publishing software, which I bought at Staples for around $30.

At that time, professional graphics designers used QuarkXPress and Adobe’s InDesign. I kept things simple and basically taught myself how to do layout and create simple graphics and images.

These were the days before Canva, smartphones, and all the cutting-edge technology we have today. Despite the fact that I didn’t use professional tools to create my written products, I’m positively PROUD of all I managed to accomplish. 

I’m also super proud of the fact I created a ton of incredible things without formal training. My educational background and employment history are completely outside of the scope of the creative arts.

The images you see to the left are snapshots of the covers of some of my magazines. I was smart enough to grab PDFs when I did. The software I used in 1999 is now obsolete! One of the things I might do is revive the old issues and add them to a book.

We shall see…