Freelance writer, Amanda M. Socci



I can scarcely believe it has been more than two months since I last added a blog post. Looks like I’ve been keeping true to my intention with seclusion. The last time you heard from me, I had been inspired…..


I had the pleasure of meeting small business owner Rocky Parrish and his wife in January 2019. Rocky owns RockDeep, a store that sells shoes for athletic and outdoor uses. His wife owns RDevine, a store that focuses on custom…..


For us in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 12th. On that fateful Thursday, we received notice that there would be no school that Friday, the 13th. Throughout that weekend, news in our school district would change rapidly. Before…..


Today is day #8 of quarantine days. For us, here in Alexandria, VA, it all started on March 16. Since then, I’ve been using my time wisely, mostly working on a huge backlog of work I seem to never find…..


If I have learned anything during the current coronavirus crisis, it has been the breath of fresh air sensation I’ve experienced from being forced to slow down. Many, many, many people used to an explosive, harried lifestyle of earning money,…..