Creative Hodgepodge
Amanda Socci current (Aug. 2020)

Creative Hodgepodge Blog

Anything that is “hodgepodge” is described as a mixture of various things.

I love the word hodgepodge and its synonyms “mélange” and “patchwork” because these words perfectly describe my interests.

What do I like? What do I write about?

I LOVE a lot of different things and I’m naturally curious and always asking questions.

The Creative Hodgepodge Blog is a collection of blog posts about a lot of different topics.

Every blog post features creative observations I make about people, places, and things. Enjoy!

I encourage you to read the Creative Hodgepodge Blog with an open mind. Be sure to leave comments directly in the blog posts. I value engagement with my readers.



Earlier this year in April, I had the pleasure of connecting with the Massey family. I had been following a pretty interesting Instagram account for

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Would you believe I wrote this blog post back in December 2020 and forgot to publish it! Sorry about that. Here it is… Have you

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Do you know what it means to be deflated? If you’re talking about a balloon, it’s what happens when a person lets the air out

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This may seem like a boring thing to most, but the activity of reading is a valuable thing that more people should be doing. I’ve

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I can scarcely believe it has been more than two months since I last added a blog post. Looks like I’ve been keeping true to

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The strangest thing inspired me to write about shut-ins today, and I suddenly found myself discussing a church service when that was the thing that

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I’ve always struggled with the label “content” when it comes to writing. I’ve seen many people refer to themselves as content writers when describing the

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The saga surrounding the status of Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) system and its distance learning plan is worth writing about. This is a

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DojaCat is really Doja Cat. I put today’s title as one word to force myself to make it fit my uber creative writing style of

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